A Masterclass in Public Speaking & Presentation
10:30 AM10:30

A Masterclass in Public Speaking & Presentation

Do you want to be heard?

Be Audible!

Be Visible!

Be Memorable!

Boost your confidence and learn or hone your skills and redefine the way you think about public speaking.

This is a fantastic course for both the new speakers who need to boost their confidence, and those who have lost enthusiasm for delivering presentations. On this course, you can expect to learn the following key skills associated with becoming a successful and confident speaker:

• develop skills, including voice, clarity, intonation and body language;

• prepare for a public speech / talk, understand audiences, tailor the talk to different audiences, and select the wording / speech writing;

• minimise nervousness and increasing confidence, including techniques for immediate and long term solutions; and

• delivery techniques, including memorable delivery, how to use findings from science to increase effectiveness, how to create and maintain a positive energy/atmosphere in the audience, persuasion, and how to combine all skills and knowledge gained for effective public speaking.

This course will help you to become more confident whether you are speaking to an audience of 1 or 10,000.

Four amazing speakers: Judith Quin, Joe Bains, Chris Boden and David Jones.

Four distinct sessions on: Voice/Body language, Impromptu speaking, Humour & Confidence hacking.

We will also show you where to practice your newly-acquired skills & techniques in a supportive environment and receive motivational & constructive feedback.

Is this course for me?

This course is for anyone who wishes to improve public speaking skills or communication skills in general whether you are 15 or 95!This course will benefit everyone whose job requires effective communication skills, including: executives, managers, customer relationship staff, researchers, teachers, lecturers & musicians!

For registering and purchasing tickets please visit here.

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Open House Event
6:30 PM18:30

Open House Event

Where your public speaking journey begins!

Improve your confidence

Would you like to improve your confidence and your public speaking skills?

Do you desire to gain outstanding communication skills?

Wouldn’t it be nice to deliver your thoughts with conviction?

Practice in a safe environment

Kings Cross Speakers is a safe and fun environment where you can practice, sharpen and hone your communication, public speaking and leadership skills.

Come along as a guest and you will experience how welcoming, friendly and passionate we all are.

Conquer your fear

According to most studies, peoples’s number one fear is public speaking. If you are one of this statistic make the right choice and conquer your fear today!

Join us at our Open House Event and find out more about public speaking, KCS and Toastmasters in general, what a usual Toastmasters meeting entails and how you can become part of it. This is a free event and you can register your interest here.

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